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The Essence - Episode 38 (and new site part deux!)

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Apr. 29th, 2007 | 04:53 pm
posted by: bloosqr in denver_synthpop

The last site rewrite was passable but not quite there, so i completely rewrote/redid it. Apologies for not posting new episodes in a while. Somewhere btwn redoing the site i got a bit distracted: In any case let me know what you think of the new site. Its a bit more organized.


I've added a specific "scene video" section (you can post, rate) but i've collected some 500 videos. The video section is split into two sections one for fan made and one for "official videos", Feel free to submit more videos.


Also! I've posted a slew of photos from the VNV/And One show (at the troc, in philly) here:


let me know what you think .. that was trial 3 at taking concert photos :)

Playlist for Episode 38 and Podcast Definition are Below:

You do not need an ipod to listen to a podcast. It is simply a downloadable/portable radio/club mix. There is a web interface that lets you listen to the music/images from website itself (by clicking "listen"). Also if you use itunes, you can subscribe to the podcast, and it will auto-download each episode weekly for you. (There is a "subscribe" button on the podcast page). If you don't use itunes, any "podcast downloading" program such as Juice will work and will let you use your media player of choice. We now have mp3 as well as mp4/aac based music feeds if your portable player or software can not use m4as.


I was in a really good mood when i made this.. so its a bit more upbeat than usual :)

VNV Nation – Prelude
VNV Nation - The Farthest Star
Virtual Server – My Dimension
Zombie Girl – Sex [I’m a]
Malfunct – helltrance in A minor
De/vision – digital dream (mesh remix)
Cesium_137 – echoes
Leather strip – be my fetish
Entluften – broken mold
The Punk Group – Toby Keith
She wants revenge – tear your apart
Imperative reaction – further to fall
Ghost & writer – from hell (iris remix)
The cure – hey you!!!
Implant – don’t feed the robots!
Mutual hate society – blueberry tart

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